Peter Jackson, A Fading Legend


There was a time when Peter Jackson was taking risk with his films. Dead Alive was unlike any horror movie that I’ve seen, it contained vast amounts of gore and laughs, something that only the Evil Dead rivaled it in that category. Now he seems to just be following the safe route and making blockbusters for families or the studio. I was massively disappointed with both Hobbit movies that I haven’t even muster up the courage to revisit them. I feel like people gave The Hobbit a passing grade because it “felt” like a trip back to Middle Earth even though it had some glaring errors. One thing that bugged me the most was the fact that Bilbo was able to survive massive falls, smacking every rock on his way down, and somehow get back up without even blinking an eye. These things are always present in blockbusters today and it bugs me, it’s like logic was thrown completely out the window when filming. Also the vast amounts of CG that was used made it feel completely fake when watching it, something that Lord of the Rings did not. Maybe it was the studio controlling him and he no longer had creative control over the product but it felt he was no longer taking a risk with making the films. I don’t not like him I just think that he has lost his “touch” for the time being. The last time he took a risk was with The Lovely Bones and that didn’t work out to well for him and maybe thats why he went back to the realm of Middle Earth because when he did try something different no one was keen on it. Everyone wants him to make the thing they feel comfortable watching and not the thing that defined his early works.


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