Exodus Trailer


Lately Ridley Scott has really been off his game. He has directed classics such as Alien and Blade Runner and the Oscar winning Gladiator but lately his films have been off. Prometheus was the one movie that had themes that out weighed the story and was slightly upsetting in the end. We can’t forget the disaster The Counselor, which was nearly unwatchable it really pained me to sit through it. The reason that I am eagerly anticipating this movie is because Scott has delved in this genre before and I liked Kingdom of Heaven and loved Gladiator. Hopefully that Exodus: Gods and Kings is somewhat of a comeback to the Ridley Scott that I loved. The look and feel of this movie has me interested as well. The poster and cinematography have this black and gold hue, which I like, and Christian Bale looks like a suitable Moses. Sadly the Egyptians aren’t looking as promising. I feel the casting Joel Edgerton as Ramesses isn’t a good choice, not because he is a bad actor but because I don’t feel like he is suitable for the race portrayed. In the end I’m looking forward to this but not exactly high anticipation at all.

Based on the story of Moses from the Old Testament. The movie chronicles the relationship between Moses (Christian Bale) and Ramesses (Joel Edgerton).  It is an interpretation freeing of the Israelites from Egypt.

Directed by: Ridley Scott. Starring Christian Bale as MosesJoel Edgerton as RhamsesAaron Paul as JoshuaJohn Turturro as Seti, and Ben Kingsley as Nun. Produced by Scott Free Productions and distributed by 20th Century Fox


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