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Skyfall Theatrical Trailer. Could this be Bond’s film to date or will it be overly blotted like Quantum of Solace?

After Casino Royale I have really enjoyed Daniel Craig as James Bond, the movies he stars in are much grittier that previous Bond films and brings in realism instead of goofy gadgets and strange plot about the destruction of the world.  This film, Skyfall, looks to be the most action packed and exciting James Bond film since Casino Royale, the plot I have to say is going to one fascinating experience and I would really like to see where they are going to take it. Once again Javier Bardem looks to be having fun in the role and he could make for an exciting a menacing villain for Bond in this film. I am extremely excited for this and really would like this to be the best Bond film yet, and now Q is a major player in it so that is a step forward in terms of characters.