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My Thoughts of Channing Tatum


After watching the trailer for Foxcatcher recently and I noticed that Channing Tatum has become quite the actor. His performance in Foxcatcher looks to be his most intense role ever. I remember seeing him in Step Up, sadly saw that on TV, and thinking that he would never make it as an actor. My thoughts were solidified when I saw the first G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra. Until recently I never thought he’d he’d be able to drop the pretty boy model but when I saw 21 Jump Street back in 2012 I noticed that he has embraced his pretty boy mentality and then made fun of himself during the film. Then I saw Magic Mike, a movie he was passionate about, and noticed that he is becoming quite the young actor. The buzz surrounding Foxcatcher has painted his performance as Oscar worthy and the best role of his career. I’m quite shocked by the way that he matured as an actor and hoping that he keeps getting interesting roles.