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Killing Them Softly a simple yet elegant looking film.

Up until a few days ago I never actually heard of Killing Them Softly but once I saw the trailer I knew that it was going to be a movie that I would be interested in. I have a thing for gangster films, they are always entertaining to watch and see what life would be like in the Mafia, Cartel, etc. and they always tend to incorporate political commentary and social commentaries about a twisted version of American Dream. From what I can see in the trailer there is definitely some commentary about the business world but until I see I’ll wait to see it is present throughout the entire film, which it will most likely be. Brad Pitt yet again looks to be suited for the role, since he played a good Jesse James in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford the directors last movie. If anything the movie has a very simple plot but it looks to contain a vast amount atmosphere and elegance that it won’t matter that much in the long run.

Jackie Cogan (Pitt) is a point man (a person who patrols ahead) for a hitman. Cogan begins investigating a heist of the mob’s assets.