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Tom Hardy Actor Profile


Tom Hardy has been on a hot streak lately. He has been acting for quite sometime but it wasn’t until Bronson that he got noticed. His performance in Bronson is nothing short of amazing. He has a raw intensity that really elevates a rather simple movie. He entered the game in Black Hawk Down and acted in smaller roles is plenty of movies including the main villain in Star Trek: Nemesis but really didn’t get the street credit that he does now. Inception was the next movie where he really stood out. Working with Christopher Nolan really expedited his career in the best possible way. He brought complexity to a character who didn’t get enough screen time. Not long afterwards he played the character Tommy Riordan in Warrior which was another performance showcasing his ability to make a treating and imposing character while also grounding him reality. Before Warrior and after Inception, Hardy was cast as the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, a perfect casting considering his roles in Warrior and Bronson. The Dark Knight Rises made him the house hold name that he is today. He was able to express sincere emotion while wearing a mask that covered the majority of his face.

Even in the poorly received This Means War, Hardy is able to bring some depth to his character. It wasn’t until Locke that he was able to use the extent of his talent. He gives a stunning performance as Ivan Locke, a construction manager and his tough decision between his job, wife, and the destructive force that will tear everything apart. Set in a singular location the entire film rests on Hardy’s shoulders and he is able to carry the movie and elevate his talent.

Even The Drop (review in progress) even with two other fantastic performances from James Gandolfini and Matthias Schoernaerts, who is just as powerful an actor you are unable to take your eyes of his performance.

Sometimes an actor will play the same character in every movie, I’m looking at you Tom Cruise, but you never once think that Tom Hardy is imitating the same character but instead creating a completely new character every time. I think this is what makes Tom Hardy the powerhouse actor that he is.

Robin Williams, A Tortured Comedic Genius


After the death of Robin Williams yesterday I decided to look over his filmography and what made him so great. His first major role was in Robert Altman’s Popeye, which is a movie that he was perfect for but I never really cared for the movie itself. This movie is what sparked his career. He stared in plenty of movies afterwards but it wasn’t until Good Morning Vietnam that people started to realize that he was also a powerful dramatic actor. It was the first of three Best Leading Actor nominations at the Academy Award, he was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Two years later he starred in Peter Weir’s Dead Poets Society in which he plays an English teacher who attempts to teach his students about seizing the day and the love of poetry. For his performance he scored a second nomination Academy Award for Best Actor. Another two years later he teamed up with Terry Gilliam and Jeff Bridges for the movie The Fisher King. He played a homeless man on a search for the Holy Grail. It was yet another critically acclaimed performance and scored him his third nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Robin Williams managed to score three Academy Award nominations in four years. In 1992 and 1993 he stared in Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire, which he is best known for. In 1997 he teamed up with relatively unknowns Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for Good Will HuntingHis performance was highly acclaimed and completely brilliant as the therapist Sean Maguire and finally earned him Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. After this his movie choices become less interesting. He stared in a few comedies and dramas here and there but never lived up to his former glory of the 80s and 90s.

To me Robin Williams was one of the best comedic actors and a hell of an amazing dramatic actor. He acted in movies that I loved as a child and in movies that I appreciate as an adult and his death is personally effective to me.

Amy Adams, a Delightfully Underrated Actress


Amy Adams caught my eye when I saw The Fighter. She played Charlene Fleming with such an intensity that I still haven’t forgotten that performance. That was when I started to pay more attention to since then. Now I didn’t like American Hustle  but her determined performance was overlooked last year at the Academy Awards. She so far has a total of five nominations, 4 supporting and 1 lead, and yet not a single win. People always complain about Leonardo DiCaprio not winning a single Academy Award, even to the point that he has become an internet meme. I personally think that Amy Adams should have won a long time ago but this year may be her time, with Big Eyes on the horizons, but she hasn’t quite reached Dicaprio levels of outrage towards the lack of Academy Award wins. She has done so many delightful and intense performances that has quickly made her my favorite actress working today.

Nicolas Cage, Crazy or a Genius


This may come as a surprise, wait who am I kidding, but Nicolas Cage might just be the craziest actor working today. Hailing from one of the most prolific families working in film today, The Coppola’s. Though he changed his name he is in fact the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and he is yet another Academy Award winner in the beloved family. No matter the time in his career he has chosen both great roles and terrible roles but I find a weird fascination with his bad film. They are borderline terrible but yet so much fun to laugh at that I can’t say the experience itself is great. All actors take bad roles, it’s just the fact of the matter but Nicolas Cage has made of career of choosing the worst of the worst. Though he has made terrible upon terrible movie the man has an Academy Award win and another nomination so he can’t be that bad right? He is either 100% self aware of the internet meme that he has become or just straight up crazy. I give the man credit for what he has accomplished but also nervous about some of his movie choices.  He has played an alcoholic on a quest to kill himself, twin authors, a depressed weatherman, and a bunch of worthless action movie roles. Now the question is “Is Nicolas Cage a good actor or a bad one?” You tell me.

Below I’ve included a video from Deadfall, his craziest movie.

My Thoughts of Channing Tatum


After watching the trailer for Foxcatcher recently and I noticed that Channing Tatum has become quite the actor. His performance in Foxcatcher looks to be his most intense role ever. I remember seeing him in Step Up, sadly saw that on TV, and thinking that he would never make it as an actor. My thoughts were solidified when I saw the first G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra. Until recently I never thought he’d he’d be able to drop the pretty boy model but when I saw 21 Jump Street back in 2012 I noticed that he has embraced his pretty boy mentality and then made fun of himself during the film. Then I saw Magic Mike, a movie he was passionate about, and noticed that he is becoming quite the young actor. The buzz surrounding Foxcatcher has painted his performance as Oscar worthy and the best role of his career. I’m quite shocked by the way that he matured as an actor and hoping that he keeps getting interesting roles.