Robert Rodriguez: A Mediocre Director with a Love for Grindhouse Cinema


 Robert Rodriguez Director Profile

Robert Rodriguez is a man who made a name for himself for making  looney action movies that are completely bat shit crazy. He is also known for doing everything himself. His debut film El Mariachiwas completely done with unknown actors and a limited budget and was able to impress everyone who saw it. It debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and then soon after at Sundance and was able to show just how great Rodriguez can be. With the success of El Mariachi, Rodriguez made two follow ups to the movie. Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico expanded on the premise but wasn’t as successful critically and surprised commercially. El Mariachi inspired many aspiring filmmakers to pick up a camera and film no budget movies. Personally, the movie that he is most well known for is probably the Spy Kids movies. I remember seeing those movie when I was young and it was the first time I had any contact with his filmography. It was a movie that appealed to kids but also featured his goofy sensibilities. Sadly as of late Robert Rodriguez has failed to capture the acclaim that his earlier films received. Last year he attempted to franchise another one of his Grindhouse features with Machete Kills. It received near universal hate from most of the critics and was dead on impact. He returns to the universe of another popular film he directed Sin City this year and once again fails to live up to it’s predecessor.

As a director I don’t like his films all that much but I do have to admire his views about a one man film crew and it truly what sets him apart from other directors of his nature. I’m weirdly excited for his next movie but don’t know if I’ll be surprised if it is the third sequel to either Machete or Sin City but who knows right now.


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