Bruce Campbell set to star in Evil Dead TV Show


The Evil Dead made a star out of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. 3 sequels and a giant cult following later The Evil Dead is now making its way to the small screen that is television. Lately, Television has become more of a powerhouse where movies are starting to become TV shows; Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, etc.. Shows such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm by using the medium of television to tell bold and interesting stories that wouldn’t be able to work on the big screen. TV shows are the ones that are taking the risks while movies are following a serialized format.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell announced the plans at Comic Con a few days back. Only recently was it announced that Bruce Campbell will be returning as the protagonist Ash Williams. Last time we saw Ash was the after credits of the 2013 The Evil Dead. Only on-screen for a brief scene, in which he says “Groovy”, and that started a wave of fan speculation that the sequel will combine the movie series and have one giant universe around these characters. I think a TV show is the better way to go since there is so much mythos and now characters that they can explore that films would limit. Now lets pray that it is a channel that allows such gratuitous violence that the series has been known for.


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