‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 trailer is here

10155215_913046185388207_2388453903385936433_n-the-walking-dead-scenario-s-for-the-season-5-premiereWhen will this show end? I didn’t really love it like everyone else did when it started but over the years it got worse and worse but the popularity just keeps getting bigger. I will never really understand fandom. I like shows and movies but I’ve never been to the point where I will go on and on about the show. The Walking Dead seems like one of those things. Fandoms tend to ruin things for me. When all you talk about that one subject for a prolonged period of time I start to get really annoyed with the love and I start to hate it more. I try my best to avoid the fandom for Doctor Who and Game of Thrones because I absolutely love those shows. With The Walking Dead things just got out of control. It all turned into boring slog of a show when every episode felt like the last one and nothing seemed to be going anywhere except for killing zombies and nothing of any redeeming value.


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