FX renews ‘Fargo,’ ‘Louie’


At first I wasn’t digging the idea of a Fargo TV show. For one has any TV to Film adaptations done well and two was it going to work without the Coen Brother’s touch. Simply yes it worked out well. Though I feel some of the show was a bit stretched out to the extreme it managed to work as a whole. The story was juicy and the acting was incredible and managed to use references from the movie without having to rely on them. I’m happy that it got renewed and I am excited to see where they are going to take it.

Louie is another one of those shows that I absolutely adore. It is due to Louie C.K.’s cynical deadpan comedy that feels real and genuine. His show touch on issues that everyday Americans face and isn’t some super fabulous lifestyle that no one would ever live. He is a master of comedy and the show thrives on his NSFW approach to everyday life.


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