David Cronenburg, A Director of Weird and Unusual Cinema


What’s there to say about David Cronenberg that hasn’t been said already. I’m a huge fan of his older work, specifically Videodrome and The Fly, but lately he hasn’t impressed me. None of his movie are bad per say but just not what I’ve come to love about his body of work. Cosmopolis was boring and pretentious, even if Robert Pattinson gave a good performance. Same goes with A Dangerous Method, it was too ponderise and talky and by the end I lost interest in the movie as a whole. I think that he has gravitated towards movie that appeal to him but also the Academy voters. That’s not to say it’s a bad route to go down, especially at an older age, but I miss the movies he did at the start of his career. I just picked up Scanners on Criterion blu-ray and am extremely excited to watch it. I like the way he hides his messages within a deeply complex frame work. Videodrome is the prime example of this. It makes a resounding statement about the effects of television before the problem even existed. I’m willing to give some of his movies a second chance to see the greatness that lies beneath the surface.  He isn’t a director for everyone and his movies are certainly polarizing but if you give him  chance you can find great meaning within his films.


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