‘Snowpiercer’s’ VOD gamble is paying off


Right now this seems to be the way that indie movies are going. Theaters chains are releasing them into a limited amount of theaters, which doesn’t promote seeing them very well. At the same time they are released OnDemand and on iTunes making them easier to access than most blockbuster. Being a cheaper option that general theaters this seems to be the way to go since more people are likely to see your movie if it costs less and is accessible . A good example is Ping Pong Summer, a movie I heard about two years ago, when I meet the director Michael Tully at my school, an it is only now getting distributed. No theater around me is playing it but it’s been OnDemand for a month now. Mind you I haven’t gotten to it yet but I like the option of being able to see it even if no theater is playing. I don’t think theaters will be going away anytime soon but having the this option is going to make indie films bigger than they would have been otherwise.


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