Nicolas Cage, Crazy or a Genius


This may come as a surprise, wait who am I kidding, but Nicolas Cage might just be the craziest actor working today. Hailing from one of the most prolific families working in film today, The Coppola’s. Though he changed his name he is in fact the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and he is yet another Academy Award winner in the beloved family. No matter the time in his career he has chosen both great roles and terrible roles but I find a weird fascination with his bad film. They are borderline terrible but yet so much fun to laugh at that I can’t say the experience itself is great. All actors take bad roles, it’s just the fact of the matter but Nicolas Cage has made of career of choosing the worst of the worst. Though he has made terrible upon terrible movie the man has an Academy Award win and another nomination so he can’t be that bad right? He is either 100% self aware of the internet meme that he has become or just straight up crazy. I give the man credit for what he has accomplished but also nervous about some of his movie choices.  He has played an alcoholic on a quest to kill himself, twin authors, a depressed weatherman, and a bunch of worthless action movie roles. Now the question is “Is Nicolas Cage a good actor or a bad one?” You tell me.

Below I’ve included a video from Deadfall, his craziest movie.


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