As I have been wondering how they would connect the trilogy as a whole, outside of the story but more along the lines of a theme. All good movie have a theme to it whether it is political or a philosophy of oneself it has always made movie more interesting and thought provoking for me, it represents how I wonder and speculate what I would do in such a situation. With the theme of it being a simple symbol that inspires people to become better and strive to change and help cause change which has always been fascinating in this film series because it does bring into reality and make it seem like a possible situation, I know it is not but still. This article provides some very interesting thought and opinion on the subject that really opened my eyes more to the movies as a trilogy. With Batman being a symbol I can imagine the ending the trilogy being the death of Bruce Wayne but the Batman still exists because some else can take up the mantle and still stand for what Bruce Wayne sought after doing in Batman Begins. With that being a possibility it sets itself apart from other superheroes, Peter Parker is Spider-Man and changing that old really effect the character. I feel that if Christopher Nolan takes that route it can be a satifying conclusion to his already brilliant Batman trilogy.


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