I’ve already really stated my thoughts on this weekends box office in my last post but I am glad that Ted has got so much support, I believe the fact that it was done by the guys behind Family Guy really pushed this movie to the top of the box office and the very clever premise made it stand out during this summers releases. Like I thought Magic Mike was relatively front loaded on Friday but is still doing very well for the type of movie that it is. I have not seen Brave yet but it looks to be another winner for Pixar. I am interested to see how Amazing Spider-Man will do to business this week and I am wondering if there is any steam left in this series, which I will not know until I see it.


I am surprised at how feel both Magic Mike and Ted are doing, both are exceeding expectations and lighting up the box-office while they are at it. I didn’t think Ted was going to up as big as it did but I am glad it did since I really enjoyed it. Magic Mike on the other hand is not something that I will end up seeing even though I live by most of the filming locations and had friends play extras in the film. I would support local filming but I am not a fan of Steven Soderbergh. I am eagerly anticipating how July is going to turn out with both The Dark Knight Rises, it is nearly hear!!!, and the Amazing Spider-Man both of which are meant to be big and the new drama Savages which I really want to see, a return to violent dramas that may put Oliver Stone back on the map.