Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer

To be honest I am not a huge Resident Evil fan, the movie not the game which I love, the never really excited to me. The movies themselves are not good at all but I have watched them regardless. The new addition to the franchise looks to be about the same level of awfulness that I have come to expect from the franchise. The one thing that I am excited about is that Wesker is still alive and giving Alice tough time but the thing about the movie is that it pretty much resurrects every single character that has died in the movie, which is what really bothers me about the movie. My major problem with movies like this is the fact they bring people back from the dead, it never works out in any movie, and the fact they are bringing back more than one character, which worked is fine if done correctly, is an even worse sign for me. Well for me this is a movie that I would rent just out of curiosity but the fact that dead characters come back is what is going to keep me from having any interest in the movie what so ever.

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