G. I. Joe Retaliation Theatrical Trailer

I’m sure I’m not the only who was not a fan of the first one, so much was wrong with that movie it is hard to just focus on one thing. I am glad that this movie is looking so much better than the crappy first one, right now I don’t know the quality of the film is going to be but I seriously hope that it would be an entertaining. So far it seems that both movie wanna destroy European cities, such as London and Paris. The fact that Dwayne Johnson is in it had me concerned first but what he did in Fast Five has changed my skepticism, he is a very capable actor who can handle himself in action sequences. I also heard that there is a ten minute scene of just silence while Snake Eyes takes on a bunch of ninja, I am hoping that turns out as good as it sounds. I really wanna see how this movie turns out because it actually looks like it can be a good movie.


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