Cosmopolis Trailer

I have to say that this actually looks good, though I was seriously concerned since it has Robert Pattinson in it, I am a big fan of David Cronenberg so that rules the former out. Cronenberg always makes movies that are deeply serious and reflects about serious issues in which the movie takes place. If I had a chance to go to Cannes this year this would be my top priority to see no matter what, and hey Robert Pattinson may actually be a good actor outside the Twilight series. The film follows a millionaire (Pattinson) is a former member of an elite United States Army Special Forces unit and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in the Vietnam War. The film begins after the war, in America, and takes place in December 1981. Rambo is searching for one of his friends from his unit, Delmare Berry, and soon learns that he has died from cancer due to Agent Orange exposure. Although not yet revealed to the audience, Rambo knows he is now the last surviving member of his unit. The scene cuts to Rambo entering the fictional small town of Hope, Washington (actually filmed in Hope, British Columbia) on foot. With his long hair and military-style coat, he is quickly spotted by the town’s overzealous and overprotective sheriff, Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy) who quickly drives Rambo out of town in his police vehicle, expressing his strong distaste for “drifters.” Rambo heads back toward town immediately, angering Teasle, who arrests him.


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