Game of Thrones Season 1 Episodes Seven, Eight, and Nine Review

You Win or You Die

To start off with this episode is where everything starts taking a turn for the worse and where all the plot points have been leading to. Everything from Ned Starks research about the Lannisters, Dany’s need to recapture her throne, and Jon Snow in the north and how the threat up there is more pronounced than anyone knows. While Ned Stark is taking preparations to stop the plan that the Lannisters have set in motion, Renly, the kings younger brother, decides that he will back up Ned in his plot. I think that this is a major point to Ned Stark’s character and how his nobility and honor are getting in his way of successfully doing what he wanted. It is the reason at the end of this episode he is easily betrayed by someone who he thought was loyal to him. Dany’s story revolves around her nearly getting killed by the assassin the late king sent to kill her, who thwarted by Jorah for some reason knew of it but since it was said in an earlier episode he is an informant of the late king so that is always a possibility to how he knew. This also shows just how far he would have gone to put an end to her lineage, it also shows that Drogo can actually speak more and convince his people to invade which is all that her late brother wanted. So far this is one of the strongest episodes because it focuses on everything coming together.

9.5 out of 10

The Pointy End

At the beginning of this episode it really shows the ramifications of the previous episode and how the Lannister’s personal guard handle the remaining Northern men that dared to stand in their way. This episode focuses on the majority of the character that were missing from the previous episodes and this episodes leaves out Ned Stark so that they can focus on the different characters. When they focussed on Dany and her story it was rather short but brought in events that will have a great effect for her in the future and will have great effect on from now on, not saying that is a bad way to go. It also good to point out that we see that Drogo actually loves and is affectionate to Dany which is something that I thought would be glanced over when I say the first episode. The major point in this episode is that Robb Stark begins to mature a lot since he started leading the Northern’s to battle and is given some screen time that wasn’t there in the books. Tyrion, who has always been a personal favorite, starts by making friends with the hill tribes of the Vale and lead them to battle under the Lannister banners. He has always been a fascinating character and has become a great character that see what his family is but has no power to do anything about it, he will grow even more in this area in the coming books and seasons. The only big problem for me in this episode is how it ended. I don’t mind that Sansa tried to barter for her father’s life and it made her less annoying than see is use to be but it ended just so abruptly and I wished that it was given a nice cliffhanger ending but it just somewhat just stopped and that is what bothered me most.

9 out of 10


Easily the strongest episode in this season. Everything about this episode is what you would expect but it adds the fact that the directing of this one is top notch. It shows just how much this series has to offer and that the realization that it only gets better is in every episode.  It begins with Varys, a small council member, begging for Ned Stark to change his mind and kneel before Joffery, which he ends up doing but not because of him but to protect his daughters, which Sansa is pretty much a prisoner and Arya is on the run. While the episode is only 53 minutes long it does an excellent job using that time to tell stories that would have been a lot longer if it wasn’t for the way the developer made it into something even better. The scene with Dany and her trying to save Drogo life bring in some super nature elements, in this case blood magic, that the show lacks and is handled well while also making the sounds coming out of the tent creepy and really adds to what is going on in the tent. There is a lot to be appreciated in this episode and that the show is already excellent it shows just how well done this one is.

10 out of 10


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