Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6

The Golden Crown

Midway through the season and I just keeps getting better, through the first few episodes really focused on character development and get the audience familiar with everything that is going on. This is where everything starts to come together and get more intense as the the season progresses. This episode, though lacking the Wall and Jon Snow, is another example of this series bringing everything together. Dany makes her return with her best storyline and once again Emilia Clarke really does a top notch performance as the developing queen and the ending really showed that her brother was never meant to be the one that ruled and finally ends the character of Viserys in total, though I will not miss his bitching and sheer annoyance. Back in King’s Landing Ned Stark is coming off the confrontation with Jaime and, with the help of her daughters, stumbles upon the secret that the former King’s Hand discovered. I know whats going to happen to him but this is where everything for Ned is going to go down hill for him. He tries to be the honorable man but that never works for him and trying to handle what he found out with honor would be a hard thing and will lead to his utter downfall. This disc only carried one episode so its going to be a short entry today.

9.5 out of 10


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