Game of Thrones Season 1 Episodes Three, Four, and Five Review

Lord Snow

What I find seriously awesome about Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) is that he is able to overcome being a bastard, though in this episode he believes that he is a better man that the rest of the Night Watch trainees even though they are considered equals. Throughout this episode he beings to change for the better and by the end instead of trying to be better than the rest he tries to help the rest of the trainees to become as good as he is, which is why this character is the strongest of the bunch he is able forget his past in royalty and try to insert himself into the life that he himself choose in the first episode. We also see a great majority of the Night’s Watch, which is fabled to be a thing of honer, but by this time it is decaying without proper weaponry and very few men, with the coming threat of the White Walker they are going to need as much as help as they can. Jaime Lannister is explored much more in this episode, going into the thing that made him famous killing the Mad King and garnering the nickname Kingslayer, he is given much more to do in this episode and explored to greater depths. Now that brings me back to Dany, you can see her becoming much stronger and more commanding to the Dothraki people but she is still tormented and used by her evil brother, I’m finding her to be a very compelling character that has become her own in the more recent episodes. I do have to commemorate the show for knowing just how to end each episode.

9.5 out 10

Cripples, Basterds, and Broken Things

I have to give this episode credit for packing in as much history of the Seven Kingdoms into this episode while remaining a well put together episode. Again there is a lot of focus in the Nights Watch and the addition of a new member, who, Jon feels that he should protect against the harshness of their commanding officer. It shows just how much of a natural leader leader Jon Snow actually is and it also develops his character a lot by adding a friend that he can confide with. In Kings Landing Ned Stark is uncovering more interesting facts about the death of his beloved friend Jon Arryn, who I failed to mention died in the first episode and that is the reason why Ned went with the king in the first place. It keeps giving hints at what is going on without actually revealing anything in great depth at the moment which is a good thing. Across the narrow sea, Dany finally reaches the home land of her people, we also get to see more of her brother doing what he does best being an asshole but Dany finally gets the courage to stand up to him, which is a turning point in their already bad relationship. The ending, the capturing of the Imp (Tyrion Lannister) by Lady Stark for the crimes of his siblings, is where everything begins to come together and will begin what is to come next in Kings Landing and the indifferences between the Lannisters and the Starks.

9.5 out of 10

The Wolf and the Lion

As I watch this series I have begun to notice that the some of the children are just awful, like Joffery the prince who is just cruel and a complete douche and now introducing Lady Starks sister who her self is crazy but her son is much crazier than her. Putting that aside I find this episode to be the best of the butch so far, though two of my favorite characters were excluded from this episode. This episode focuses mostly on Ned Stark’s investigation of the mysterious death of his friend and his daughter Arya, who is completely awesome, learns that there is a plot to eliminate her father from the picture. Though she confronts her father about it he doesn’t believe her, concerned with his well being she tells his guard to keep him safe no matter what. As this series progresses you see just how corrupt some of the kings consul and even the Queen herself. Back in the Eyrie, Tyrion is held captive but is soon let free due to hill tribe attacking them, though he has the chance to flee he instead helps Lady Stark and saves her from an attacker. This shows just how different Tyrion is to his siblings and that he would never do anything to harm anyone for no reason. It is good to explore the characters to deep depths that I find lacking in many shows and movies now a days. The battle between Jamie and Ned at the end show just how high the tension has risen since he arrived in King’s Landing and shows that Jaime is self centered because of the thing  that he did to Ned son but when it comes to his family it doesn’t matter he is in it only for his family and not the well being of others.

10 out of 10


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