Men in Black 3 Trailer

I’ve always been a fan of the original Men in Black, I personally think it is one of Will Smith’s best films and nothing can compete with it in the comedy department. Then again the second one is a down right shame, it has it’s moments but never really works entirely as a sequel to the original. The new trailer for Men in Black 3 just doesn’t do it for me, I mean it could be a fun ride but it will not match the first one’s brilliance or level of comedy. I would love to see how it works in 3-D but it just may ruin the experience for me, I am not the biggest supporter of it at the moment though I do feel it has the potentially to make a immersive experience. I do have to give credit toe Josh Brolin for pulling off a young K, his Tommy Lee Jones impression is top notch and looks to be one of the better aspects of the film.


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