The Amazing Spider-Man and The Bourne Legacy Trailers

This week the debuts of both the theatrical and teaser trailers for both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Bourne Legacy. Both are considered to be reboots, The Amazing Spider-Man more so than the Bourne Legacy. When I first heard that the Bourne franchise was continueing with out Matt Damon I didn’t think that the movie couldn’t make it. After the trailer I have better feeling towards the film, I looks that they will incorporate aspects from the originals and combine it with a new Tredstone agent, which only makes sense. Right now I can’t wait for this movie to come out, even though I thought it would fail. On the other hand, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer works on a bigger level. It looks to make amends towards the last film in the series. I think that Andrew Garfield could make a very convincing Peter Parker and bringing in the witty humor that is known for Spider-Man is good. The movie itself looks to take the movie down a much darker role than the previous movies and it is great that the are including the origins of Peter’s parents and I hope it will go into detail about what happened to them.


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